Made in Canada
100% Canadian ingredients, manufactured locally in St. Thomas, ON
Easy to Serve Patties
Easy-to-Serve 8oz patties, ideal for large dogs
Cost Effective
Cost effective, with no frills packaging and simplified ingredients
Single Source
Single-source proteins balanced with muscle meat, organs, bone and produce

About Us

Quest Raw is an affordable raw food for dogs, made using the highest quality, 100% Canadian ingredients in a professional facility in St. Thomas, Ontario. We work hard to provide low prices without sacrificing quality, creating a healthy diet using limited ingredients, no-frills packaging, and easy-to-serve formatting. Quest Raw is your low-cost alternative to premium raw food, making raw food affordable, especially for owners of large or multiple dogs.

Quest Raw is a subsidiary of Pets 4 Life, one of the largest manufacturers of raw pet food in Canada. At Pets 4 Life, we are incredibly proud of our team for consistently producing the highest quality raw pet food on the market. We also understand that for some loving pet owners, the cost of raw feeding is a barrier to making the healthy choice for their dogs. We are pleased to offer Quest Raw as an affordable option for pet owners who may find the cost of feeding raw prohibitive.

We look forward to continuing to provide high-quality, healthy raw food options for all Canadian pets!

Sherry & Glenn Forrester
Owners, Pets 4 Life/Quest Raw

Available at over 20 locations across ontario and quebec

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Quest Raw is made using the same quality equipment and production standards that ensure the consistent quality and safety of all Pets 4 Life products

Why Feed Raw?

  • Reduction in allergies cause by unhealthy additives and fillers
  • Healthy shiny coats enriched by a nutrient filled diet
  • Better dental hygiene by eliminating carbohydrates and flavoured coatings
  • Enhanced weight control by ensuring every ingredient is nutritious
  • Better food absorbtion leading to smaller, less odorous stools
  • IMPROVED overall health and a stronger immune system

Quest Raw is formatted into easy-to-serve 8 oz patties and is available in 4lb and 24lb packages.