Feeding Guidelines

Quest Salmon Patties

Storing and Feeding Raw

Raw food should be stored in the freezer until needed. To thaw, remove product from packaging and place in a leak proof container in the fridge. Product should be used within 2-3 days of thawing and should not be re-frozen.
To keep your pets food area clean, we recommend feeding your pet from glass or stainless steel dishes. Wash dishes with hot water between meals. Any excess food not eaten should be immediately returned to refrigerator, or discarded.

How Much Should I Feed My Dog?

Weight of Pet Daily Food Requirement One Month Supply
50 lbs 16 oz 30 lbs
75 lbs 24 oz 45 lbs
100 lbs 32 oz 60 lbs
125 lbs 40 oz 75 lbs
150 lbs 48 oz 90 lbs

This chart will help you determine how much Quest Raw to feed your dog in a day, and how much you would need for a month's supply. The quantities suggested here are based on the "2.5% rule," by which you would feed your pet 2.5% of his or her body weight daily.
Please remember, this chart provides a guideline to starting your dog on Quest Raw. Your pet's needs may be greater or less, depending on your pet's age, health, and activity level, among other factors. You are the best judge of your pet's needs.
Dog Staring at Camera

How Much Should I Feed My Puppy?

Puppies should be fed more than an adult dog due to their high energy and growth needs. The amount of food a pet will need changes dramatically in their first year.
2 - 5 months 5 - 8 months 9 - 12 months
5% of body weight 4% of body weight 3% of body weight

Remember, puppies should be weighed regularly as each animal has unique dietary needs. Puppies may require more than two meals a day to consume necessary amounts of food.